Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Got The Attitude! Blog Award

I was nominated for the Digi's With Attitude! "I got the Attitude! Blog Award"

What this means is not only did I get a $5.00 Gift Certificate for Digi's With Attitude! Store, but now I han brag that "My Blog's got the 'Tude!"

All I have to do is tell you 3 things that make me different from everyone else and nominate 5 blogs.
What gives me the 'Tude?
1.) Great images to play with!
2.) I love to put bling on my designs!
3.)Awesome support from family and friends that gives me confidence!
The 5 blogs I nominate
1.)Marilynscardsandmore Her projects are always so nice
2.)cardsbymarione Her coloring is amazing
3.)clairescraftycreations She does the greatest things with ribbon
4.)scrapbitz She is my Copic teacher and I followed her blog long before she was my teacher
5.)Elenor She not only creates awesome paper crafts, she dances and cooks!!
Please display the above badge proudly and link it to the Digi's With Attitude! Challenge Blog, to quality for the $5.00 Gigi's With Attitude! Store Gift Certificate. Please read the guidelines here.


  1. Congratulations and Thank you Mari :-)
    Claire xx

  2. Thank you so much Mari--you are too sweet and I appreciate this award so much! Thanks for thinking of me!


  3. Oh my gosh... Congratulations Mari and thank you so much for giving me this wonderful award! I love it!
    Hugs Marion

  4. Hi Mari
    Wow, thanks a bunch, that's so nice of you! Congratulations to you too!
    hugs Marilyn

  5. And OMG.... I didn't get it that I get that gift certi!!!
    I'm totally in awe! Thanks even more for this!
    Love you

  6. Thank you Mari, this was really a great surprise! =)
    I'm trying to put together a blogpost now, just have to figure out who I will nominate! =)
    Hugs, Elenor